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Spotlight Announcement Sneak Peek

A Whole New Supplier Compliance

In the fast-paced and competitive world of modern manufacturing, building and maintaining a trusted network of suppliers is essential to maintaining a seamless operation and ensuring compliance standards are met. To ensure SafetyChain remains a best-in-class solution, we have some exciting changes coming to Supplier Compliance! Click to read more about these changes and how you can participate in our BETA program.
October 2023
Spotlight Announcement Web & LINK

Upcoming Change! Users will Land Directly in LINK After Login

We’ve been busy the past few months delivering new modules within LINK to provide you with greater flexibility and data visibility, a simplified user experience, and improved operational performance as part of our Unified Platform (UP) initiative. This includes a comprehensive menu in LINK to access all the new modules in LINK, the existing reporting functions and the Web modules. This menu sets the stage for the next update to level UP: landing users directly into LINK upon login. Starting Monday, December 4, 2023, all users will login and land directly into LINK instead of the Web browser in both Train and Live. No changes are required from your side and all existing SSO and user credentials will continue to function as they currently do, we are simply directing users to a new landing page upon login. Click to learn more!