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Upcoming Change! Users will Land Directly in LINK After Login

AUTHOR: The SafetyChain Team

We’ve been busy the past few months delivering new modules within LINK to provide you with greater flexibility and data visibility, a simplified user experience, and improved operational performance as part of our Unified Platform (UP) initiative.

In July 2023, we achieved a major milestone where we released a comprehensive Menu in LINK that allowed you to more easily navigate through all of the modules within both the LINK and Web applications. This milestone set the stage for our next update: landing users directly into LINK upon login starting in December 2023.

Benefits of the Login Cutover

To complete data review and verification and other time sensitive daily activities, you need all of the data context directly in front of you, and fast. By landing directly into LINK after login, users can immediately jump into these high impact actions, while also quickly gaining access to other widely used portions of the system (i.e. OEE, Supplier Compliance, Resources, Forms, etc.) from one Menu.

Web modules will still be easily accessible, as it will be only one click away in the Menu, much like LINK was prior when users landed in Web after login. 

How will this impact you?

When you login to your tenant in SafetyChain, the landing page will be the LINK homepage instead of Web Browser. You will then have access to all of the Menu options, allowing you to navigate anywhere in the platform that is available to you based upon your Role permissions and Secure Profile rights, much like before.

When will the Cutover take place?

Starting Monday, December 4, 2023, all users will login and land directly into LINK instead of the Web browser in both Train and Live. No changes are required from your side and all existing SSO and user credentials will continue to function as they currently do, we are simply directing users to a new landing page upon login.

Should you have any questions, issues or concerns, please reach out to your Customer Success or Support team who will be able to address your needs and provide further assistance. 

Keep an eye out for more updates regarding our UP initiative in future posts!

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