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A Whole New Supplier Compliance

AUTHOR: The SafetyChain Team

In the fast-paced and competitive world of modern manufacturing, building and maintaining a trusted network of suppliers is essential to maintaining a seamless operation and ensuring compliance standards are met. To ensure SafetyChain remains a best-in-class solution, we have some exciting changes coming to Supplier Compliance! If you’re interested in participating in our BETA, scroll down to learn more.

What Improvements are Coming?

The enhanced Supplier Compliance experience offers re-imagined screens for a more intuitive process, including:

  • A brand new behind-the-scenes foundation to ensure scalability and performance throughout the requirement creation and management process

  • A new requirement homepage in LINK to simplify supplier creation, management, and filtering

  • A new organizational ability - referred to as “Tags” - to group like requirements together without the restrictions of a requirement set

  • A new option to define supplier requirement inheritance from a parent to a child, reducing the number of duplicate tasks being sent to suppliers and approved by customers

  • More granular supplier management permissions to better control who has access to view, create, and disable requirements

  • The ability to minimize duplicate notifications by configuring when a supplier receives a task for an expiring requirement

  • The ability to remove clutter when managing requirements by deleting requirements that are no longer relevant 

  • Refreshed reporting within LINK to clearly display the current status of a requirement as it moves from initial assignment of a Supplier through final approval

  • New reporting in LINK to show inherited and archived requirements for a supplier

But wait…there’s more! Along with above, we will be making updates to our Supplier Portal, which includes features such as single click-to-open tasks and a new area for suppliers to view previously submitted documents.  Stay tuned for more details regarding these updates and changes in an upcoming Spotlight post!

These changes, and more, were incorporated using your valuable feedback and nearly a dozen submitted Ideas. The aim is to help both you and your suppliers have more visibility, connection, and efficiencies when working together. 

Give Us Your Feedback with BETA!

With so many exciting new functionalities to explore, we can’t wait to let you begin using it! We are offering a BETA release in TRAIN the first week of December 2023, and targeting a full release to LIVE in early 2024. 

The BETA will offer an exclusive first-look of select features like requirement creation and Supplier Compliance reporting in LINK. This provides you the opportunity to test and get familiar with the new functionalities and provide feedback. If you’re interested in participating in the SafetyChain BETA feedback sessions, please reach out to your CSM to learn more! 

Have Questions or Feedback?

All of the upcoming Supplier Compliance releases will be included in our standard Release Notes and, as always, our knowledge base will be updated with additional details, screenshots, and how-tos along the way.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this functionality, feel free to reach out directly to our Support team at any time.

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