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Effective Monday 12/4: Users will Land Directly in LINK After Login

AUTHOR: The SafetyChain Team

Be sure to mark your calendars! Beginning Monday, December 4th, SafetyChain users who log in through a Web browser will land directly into LINK. (Note that users who log in via the Mobile apps will not be impacted).

Key Details:

  • Between 11:30 pm and 12am EST on Sunday (12/3) night, tenants will be updated so the login workflow lands users directly into LINK instead of the Web application.

    • Users who are logged into SafetyChain during this time window may get redirected to the login screen to log back into SafetyChain. The redirect will only be experienced during this timeframe and there is no system downtime or offline mode required

  • Users will be updated to have the LINK Access Subsystem role permission to ensure all users will have access to LINK

    • This role permission does not provide automatic access to any LINK reporting features, only to the basic Home screen and menu. All of the widgets with extra reporting details are still controlled by Secure Profile access

  • Existing Web modules can be accessed through the LINK Menu and will open in another tab

If you’re interested in learning more about the change, watch this video and check out the previous Spotlight post here. You can also check out this change in your Train environments now to understand the new experience.

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