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Knowledge is Power: Supplier Portal & Knowledge Base Enhancements

AUTHOR: The SafetyChain Team

A tool is only as good as our ability to use it. That’s why we are introducing exciting new learning enhancements that will help customers and their suppliers access the training and documentation they need to use SafetyChain more effectively. Read on to learn more!

Introducing the Supplier Portal Welcome Guide!

Beginning on Friday, January 19, suppliers that log into the Supplier Portal will be greeted by the new Supplier Welcome Guide. This guided, step-by-step tour is designed to walk new suppliers through how to use the Supplier Portal, making it easier for you to get your new suppliers up to speed. It is also a helpful tool for existing suppliers to brush up on how to use the Portal most effectively.

Upon login, suppliers will be greeted with the option to take the guided tour (see below). Those who are already familiar with the Portal can simply close the guide by selecting the ‘X’.

The guided tour addresses some of the common issues Suppliers come across when using the Portal including:

  • Outlining the multiple types of tasks Suppliers may receive

  • How to complete a task

  • How to view tasks when a Supplier is responsible for multiple locations

  • Examples of when a Supplier will need to reach out to a customer directly for assistance

  • Definitions for each task type and instructions on how to complete them

This tour generally takes less than 2 minutes to complete and will be available to any Users logged into the Supplier Portal any time after 1/19/2024. No further action is needed on your part to enable, but we hope this helps provide even more guidance on tips & tricks for using the Supplier Portal.

If a Supplier closes the guide, the guide can be initiated by selecting the question mark icon next to their Username. 

Check out the Updated Knowledge Base 

As the SafetyChain platform evolves, it’s important to ensure the supporting materials evolve with it. That’s why we are introducing some exciting and helpful changes to the Knowledge Base that will make it even easier for you to find the critical “How To” information you’re looking for.

Your overall experience in the Knowledge Base will look very similar; however, the articles are now organized to better align with the new LINK menu that was introduced last year. You will also see that the categories and subcategories in the Knowledge Base have been updated to group topics together in a more intuitive, logical manner.

This change is now live, so be sure to log into the Knowledge Base and check it out!

The New Categories and Subcategories include: 

SafetyChain Hubs 

  • Ideas Hub

  • Improvements Hub

  • Developers Hub 


  • Curriculum By Role

  • Curriculum By Product 


  • Glossaries of Terms

  • User Settings

  • Security Settings

  • SafetyChain Tips

  • Reference Files

Dashboards, Reports & Charts

  • Dashboards

  • Report Builder

  • Clear Favorites

  • Charts 


  • Record Tools

  • Review Records

  • Additional Record Reporting 

User Management

  • Roles

  • Secure Profiles

  • Users

  • Workgroups

Data Management 

  • Browser

  • Document Management

  • Lists

  • Locations

  • Programs

  • Resources  

Workflow Management 

  • Inbox

  • Dynamic Flows

  • Notifications

  • Record Sharing

  • Task Scheduler

  • Validations Management

  • Verifications

  • DTT

Forms and Direct Observation

  • Form Designer basics

  • Form Designer Advanced

  • Form Management

  • Direct Observation


  • OEE Setup

  • OEE Monitoring

  • OEE Troubleshooting

Case Management 

  • Cases Setup

  • Cases Usage 


  • API

  • Devices

  • DPT

  • Webhook Applications 


  • Getting Started

  • Android and iOS

  • Windows App


  • Anything leftover in SafetyChain Web that has been moved into LINK will remain as is. 

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