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TRAIN Release: April 2024

AUTHOR: The SafetyChain Team

The following is being released into the Train environment on 04/21/2024 for Web & LINK.

Please feel free to test these new capabilities in the Train environment, and let us know if something doesn't work as expected.

Barring any critical updates or quality concerns, we intend to release this into the Live environment on 04/28/2024 for Web & LINK; there are no mobile or Windows Apps releases this month. More details on the following will be included in the full Release Notes.

April 2024 Version Numbers

LINK 2.41

iOS, Android 6.44 - There are no mobile releases this month.

Windows Apps 6.45- There are no Windows Apps releases this month.

  • For Windows App v6.45, the change that resulted was the following:

    • (PC App) Additional Validations on Submit: An additional validation has been added to check for any fields that were not originally processed for expression or dependency rule calculations. In the rare instance where any calculations were initially missed, the user will receive a pop-up message indicating that the field names now have updated values, and will prompt them to review and resubmit.

      • Please note: Prior to this change there may have been scenarios where the record as seen in the submissions tab in the app differed from the record in LINK because the expressions were calculated after submission if they were missed. The calculations on the final record were accurate.

Features Released

  • (LINK) Supplier Compliance Management Module is Now Generally Available! Enhancements include:

    • Requirement Migration Tools: We have continued to test and refine our migration tools to ensure a seamless process when moving to the new Supplier Compliance Management Module in LINK. Check out our recent Spotlight Post with more information on how to migrate.

    • Requirement Reporting Enhancements: A number of enhancements have been made to the new Supplier Compliance reporting for a better user experience. This includes features such as focusing the filters at the top of each reporting page and being able to easily preview documents from LINK.

    • Requirement Disablement: Active and inactive requirements can now be disabled. Requirements that are no longer needed can be marked as disabled, which will stop the task creation for that requirement. Any open tasks will be recalled once a requirement is disabled. These requirements are filtered out by default on the Supplier Requirement homepage.

    • Larger Requirement Slide-Out Panel: The requirement slide-out panel in the new Supplier Compliance Management Module has been expanded to cover more of the screen, giving you more workspace when creating requirements. This larger view now displays more columns on the Add Resources and Finalize pages so you can view additional columns and minimize horizontal scrolling.

    • Notes and Alerts in the New Supplier Portal: The new Supplier Portal now shows notes that have been added to a requirement during the requirement creation process. In addition, there is a new feature ("alerts") to provide a clear indication of when a submitted task has been rejected and for what reason.

    • Requirement Document Preview in Document Management: Once a supplier document has been approved, it can be previewed within Document Management. In addition to a copy of the document, the following will be available:

      • The details of the document

      • The history of the document and the task related to each document

      • The links associated to the document

        • Users will also be able to edit the document name, description, and expiration date from this view.

  • (LINK) Scorecard Feature Enhanced with Persistent Banner Display: To improve the user experience within the scorecard feature in LINK, a persistent, dynamic banner that reflects your selected dates and consistent shift details is now displayed as you click through the paginated navigation.

  • (LINK) Seamlessly Add Locations to Resources: We are excited to include the option to associate locations in the Details screen while you are adding a new resource, while also keeping that an editable field when viewing existing resources.

    • Take advantage of this select multiple field with search capabilities to manage your resource locations much more efficiently. The Locations tab will retain its functionality and the field will be visible to all users with access to Resources. This field will only be editable by users that have the Role Permission to Save Locations to Resources.

Bugs Fixed

  • (Power BI Connector) Fixed an issue with converting time from a 12-hour format to a 24-hour format for start and end date queries. In some cases, this would cause issues with incremental refresh receiving an error that Start Date must be in the past.

  • (LINK) Users on two different devices were able to start more than one production run on a line if started before the first “start event” has processed. We have updated this functionality so that a user can now start only one production run on a line at a time, even when on multiple devices.

    • An Error message will now display if trying to start a batch on a line that is already running, ”_Batch {NotendedBatchId} is currently running on {Line}. To start batch {NewBatchId}, first end batch {NotendedBatchId}_”.

  • (LINK) Previously, if a user was searching for a task that was due on a particular day but was completed late, they would not be able to filter to it based on the date that it was due. We have updated the date filter query to now filter tasks based on the “Due by” date rather than the “Completed On” date.

  • (LINK) When users try to filter Documents list on Card and Grid Views, a few documents were missing in the filtered list. We have resolved inconsistencies in filtering and display behavior, now guaranteeing that all documents are accurately visible when filters are applied.

  • (LINK) We've fixed an issue where users were not able to add these special characters '#', '%', '&', and '+' in Downtime Split Additional Details, causing calendar display problems. This has been resolved and users can now seamlessly include these characters, enhancing the efficiency.

  • (LINK) We resolved an issue in Unreleased Forms view that caused sorting to only sort based on the Forms available in the current view. Now, the sorting will go across all of the data in the server and return the expected results, regardless of the amount of forms displayed.

  • Various other bug fixes and improvements

Key Updates

  • Barring any critical updates or quality concerns, we intend to release this into the Live environment on 04/28/2024 for Web & LINK; there are no mobile or Windows Apps releases this month.

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