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LINK Has a Shiny New Menu! (+ June Release Videos You May Have Missed)

AUTHOR: The SafetyChain Team

Introducing the New LINK Menu!

As busy manufacturers, we know your time is at a premium, so when you’re using a system like SafetyChain, you have to be able to quickly find exactly what you need without a lot of hassle. That’s why we have been investing in our Unified Platform initiative, which is focused on creating a streamlined user experience for our customers. Here is an excerpt from our announcement last October:

The Unified Platform initiative will consolidate all of our functionality, currently spread across two applications, into a single, unified interface. Through a series of product releases that will extend through 2023, SafetyChain will deliver new product modules within LINK that include dozens of new features and usability enhancements, eventually replacing existing functionality currently found in the Web application.

In our upcoming July release, this initiative will reach a major milestone with the introduction of a brand new main menu in LINK, which includes every module found in both LINK and the Web application. This new menu delivers a streamlined navigation experience in LINK that will make it easier to find what you are looking for, regardless of where the module is located.

But we didn’t stop at simply combining two menus. As part of this process, we conducted multiple customer feedback sessions (thanks to everyone who participated!) to get input on the new menu. Based on those discussions, we thoughtfully reorganized the LINK menu to include new, more logical categorization for the various menu options, as well as a few module names that needed to be updated for clarity.

We Still Want Your Input!

Excited to check it out? Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until the July release goes live, because the LINK menu is already accessible in TRAIN!

We know this is a big change, and change can be a lot to digest, so we encourage you to really explore the new menu, think about how things are organized, and let us know if there are any areas that are creating confusion. Are you able to find what you need? Do you have questions about where certain modules are located or how they’re categorized? We want to hear it all!

There are two great ways to share your feedback:

  1. Use the Ideas Hub to submit suggestions

  2. Sign up for our User Feedback Group to engage with our team directly – we’re currently scheduling more feedback sessions to gather input, so it’s easy to get involved!

What’s Changed in the Menu?

As we mentioned above, not only did we incorporate Web-based modules into the LINK menu, but we also revisited how those modules are organized and tweaked a few names to make it easier to find what you need.

Logical Categorization: The various menu options are categorized in logical groupings based on functional purpose to make it easier to find what you are looking for. Highlights include:

  • User Details (appears as a [First Name Last Name] label) contains user account controls, the Inbox and logout function

  • Charts & Reports contains all functions to create and view customer created charts and reports

  • Records contains all functions for reviewing Records that are available out of the box for any Record regardless of Form type and configuration

  • Configurable Records contains all functions for reviewing Records that require specific Form configuration or Form types

  • Supplier contains all functions for managing Supplier data specifically

  • OEE contains all functions for OEE reporting and management

  • System Management contains management modules to create and manage key business objects and data in SafetyChain

  • Workflow Management contains all functions to create and manage workflow based solutions

  • Integrations contains all functions for integration management and set up

  • Settings contains all Settings functions in the platform

Updated Module Names: A few of the main menu options have updated names to more accurately reflect their purpose. These include:

June Release Videos

As we work to further enhance our release process, here are a few videos from the June release that you may have missed!

  1. (LINK) Customizable Session Timeout Limits and Inactivity Notifications

  1. (LINK) Case Category and Source Associations

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