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Introducing New User Management Modules in LINK

AUTHOR: The SafetyChain Team

SafetyChain is releasing a new set of enhanced User Management Modules within the LINK application that deliver a simplified administrative experience and a cleaner, more intuitive interface.

These enhanced modules will include all of SafetyChain’s existing management capabilities as well as powerful new features that make it easier for administrators to determine how each User is able to access, view, and take action within SafetyChain.

These modules are the first in a series of releases associated with our strategic Unified Platform project. Click here to learn more.

When will they be available?

The User Management Modules will be available in Train on 10/19/22 and ready for General Availability on 10/31/22.

The existing modules in the Web application will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future, so you will have ample time to explore and get comfortable using the new modules.

What’s New?

SafetyChain’s enhanced User Management Modules streamline the administrative process within our platform, offering more informative data displays and reducing the number of clicks required to manage essential features including Users, Roles, Workgroups, Verifications, Notifications, and Locations.

All of the User Management modules have been updated to include:

  • Search capabilities and filters to make it easier for administrators to quickly find the information they need.

  • Tighter integration between modules to allow for cross-functional actions to be addressed without navigating elsewhere in the product.

  • The ability to export all of the data displayed in the main Grid views.

  • Optimized data displays within Grid views, including: richer information displayed in the columns, a default view that shows only the Users, Roles, Workgroups, or other objects that have been enabled, and automatically displaying those that are selected at the top of the list.

Here is a video that provides an overview of the exciting changes we have made to the User Management modules.

Full details on what is new and what has changed will be outlined in the October Release Notes.

Ready for a Sneak Peek?

Preview: Users Module - See a User's Workgroups, Roles and Locations right in the grid!

Preview: Roles Module - Add Secure Profiles in bulk to a Role!

Preview: Workgroups Module - Add a new User right from the Workgroup!

Preview: Verifications Module - Add Roles and Forms to a Verification in one place!

Preview: Notifications Module - Selected Users at the top and filters included to find the right users!

Preview: Locations Module - See Resources with their full hierarchy and just by name!

Have Questions or Feedback?

All of the upcoming Unified Platform releases will be included in our standard Release Notes and, as always, our knowledge base will be updated with additional details, screenshots, and how-tos.

If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out directly to our Support team at any time.

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