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TRAIN Release: May 2024

AUTHOR: The SafetyChain Team

The following is being released into the Train environment on 5/19/2024 for Web & LINK.

Please feel free to test these new capabilities in the Train environment, and let us know if something doesn't work as expected.

Barring any critical updates or quality concerns, we intend to release this into the Live environment on 5/27/2024 for Web & LINK, and will also publish the mobile apps on this date. More details and other supporting content, will be included in the full Release Notes.

May Version Numbers

LINK 2.42

iOS, Android 6.45 - See 'Bugs Fixed' section below for updates.

Windows Apps 6.45 - There are no Windows Apps releases this month.

Features Released

  • (LINK) Document Linking in Supplier Compliance: Introducing functionality to add or remove links to documents when in preview. This allows you to associate your document to multiple locations if it's applicable to multiple sites or to additional resources.

  • (LINK) History of Migrated Documents: This enhancement enables users to see migrated documents and task history after adopting the new Supplier Compliance Management module. This ensures that users can see a continuous history of all their existing and new documentation.

  • (LINK) Requirements can be Re-enabled: A requirement can be disabled in LINK if it is no longer needed to send tasks to Suppliers for completion. In some cases a requirement may need to be re-enabled, which can now be done through the UI with the appropriate permission. When re-enabled, the requirement will immediately begin sending tasks to any resource still associated to the requirement.

  • (LINK) Previous Inheritance Selections: For customers with parent/child relationships set up, you can now choose to add inheritance to any supplier requirement where the parent, and at least one child, has been selected as a resource. When editing a requirement, you can see your previous selections and update any inheritance to have tasks created or recalled.

    • Note: Changing parent/child relationships in the Resources Module will not immediately reflect task changes. The requirement must be opened, navigated to the Finalize page, and saved again.

  • (LINK) LINK Supplier Dashboard: The LINK Supplier dashboard will now dynamically display if you are using legacy Supplier Compliance or the new Supplier Compliance Management module. The filter tiles will align to the version of Supplier Compliance that you are using to be able to easily land in a filtered view when accessing Supplier Compliance via the dashboard.

  • (LINK) Submitted and Approved Dates in Linked Documents Report: We will now show the submitted and approved dates for a document in the Linked Documents report within Supplier Compliance! This gives critical insights to KPIs to measure how efficiently a supplier submits their documentation and when it is approved by the customer.

  • (LINK) Past Due Filter for Supplier Compliance: The previously named ‘Late’ filter will now be called ‘Past Due’ for the new Supplier Compliance Management Module. This filter can be used to easily find any task the is either past its due date or expired.

  • (LINK) Updated Message in Dynamic Flow Records: To provide better clarity and direction, we've updated the message to read, "No records available, please select a different time range to view the records" when there are no Dynamic Flow records available. Previously, this message read, “NO DynamicFlows”.

  • (LINK) “ALL” Location Association Available as a filter in Internal Users: Users were unable to filter by the “ALL” value to find users in their system that were associated with the “ALL” location value. Now that filter is available and admins can easily filter for that data.

  • (LINK) Location Filter Updates: Currently the filter is not visible to indicate that disabled locations are filtered out of the view by default. That filter is now visible and the text is updated to “Hide Disabled Locations” and “Hide Enabled Locations” instead of “Show”. There are no functional changes, just ease of use to manage the filters and visibility on the applied filters.

  • (OEE) Pareto Chart Drill-Down: In the OEE Pareto View, users can now click on the bars for the various Sources and Reasons on the Pareto Chart to filter down the Additional Details to only the downtime events that have that specific Loss Source or Reason. If there are no additional details available, nothing will be shown in the Additional Details section. With this functionality, users can quickly filter & view additional details related to specific causes of downtime, allowing you to quickly identify and react to trends.

  • (OEE) Updated Error Messages: To better inform users of required actions, we have updated some error messages in OEE. These updates include the following changes:

Bugs Fixed

  • (Android & iOS) Resolved an issue when downloading a form with a complex expression and default value combination that resulted in the form not opening for some users.

  • (OEE) The OEE Scheduler runs daily as configured to update the OEE summary tables. If a user voided a record, it was not picked up by the scheduler due to an incorrect configuration. This has been updated and the Scheduler will now update OEE Batch and Event Summary tables when a record is voided to reflect the latest changes. These changes will eliminate the discrepancy reported by some users and also enhance the scheduler performance.

  • (OEE) Occasionally, some new production plans were inaccurately starting with a rollover value for some customers. In order to prevent this from occurring, all counts will be ZEROED or TARED at the end of the run to ensure the new plans always start with a zero value.

  • (LINK) The Records ‘Spreadsheet View’ is now aligned with our other record views and will now show Submitted time zones for record field values. This is how all record views are expected to function.

  • (LINK) Resolved an issue in the Secure Profile system where whitespaces in profile names caused backend discrepancies. Now, leading and trailing whitespaces are trimmed upon creation and update, eliminating issues with profile retrieval and modification.

  • (LINK) Previously, buttons relating to 'Assign Task', 'Disable', and 'Complete' actions were visible and available on an Unreleased Form. Now, these buttons are disabled on an Unreleased Form and instead, only available for action once the form is Released.

  • (LINK) Previously, the sorting in the Forms manager grid only sorted the values visible in the screen; we have resolved this issue and now the results will be sorted across all the available data.

  • (LINK) Users were previously limited to only seeing the first 5000 rows of data for various chart types. As a result, when the date range was extended to more than one week, the charts did not display all the selected fields. This limitation is being removed to allow users to view data for larger time frames or data sets.

    • The following charts or chart sections will be impacted: Run Chart, By Dates, By Filter Types, By Identifier, % Counts by Identifier, By Attribute, and Retest Checks, and include:

      • Chart tab Query

      • Chart tab View data Query

      • Chart tab View data Export Query

      • Data tab Query

      • Data tab Export Query

      • Dashboard View data Query

    • Note: Only the Data tab Query on Retest Checks will be impacted by this change.

  • Various other bug fixes and improvements

Key Updates

  • Barring any critical updates or quality concerns, we intend to release this into the Live environment on 5/27/2024 for Web & LINK, and will also publish the mobile apps on this date.

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