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TRAIN Release: March 2024

AUTHOR: The SafetyChain Team

The following is being released into the Train environment on 03/25/2024 for Web and LINK.

Please feel free to test these new capabilities in the Train environment, and let us know if something doesn't work as expected.

Barring any critical updates or quality concerns, we intend to release this into the Live environment on 03/31/2024 for Web & LINK; there are no mobile releases this month (see the Windows Apps version below). More details, including images, videos, and other support content, will be included in the full Release Notes.

March Version Numbers

LINK 2.40

iOS, Android 6.44 - There are no mobile releases this month.

Windows Apps 6.45

Features Released

  • (LINK) New Supplier Compliance Module: Enjoy a faster, simpler process to create and manage your requirements with a LINK-based module! This includes exciting new features such as:

    • Supplier Compliance Migration Tools: We have created new tools to enable a seamless transition to the new Supplier Compliance Management Module! These tools will allow us to move your existing requirements, tasks, and history so all aspects of your data are readily available. Each customer will be contacted by the SafetyChain team to review your data prior to migration; keep an eye out for more details on this process in an upcoming Spotlight post!

    • Supplier Requirement Expiration Dates: For requirements that need to be collected on a recurring basis, automatically create and send tasks to suppliers by setting an expiration date when approving a supplier’s document or form.

    • Supplier Requirement Permissions: Utilize additional permissions to control access to your supplier requirements! These new requirements provide controls for who has full access to change requirement data, who can add or remove resources from a requirement, and who should see the data in a read-only mode.

    • Supplier Portal Customer Notice: The configurable Customer Notice is now available in the new Supplier Portal! Customers can continue to create their own unique welcome message, which can then be displayed to all Suppliers once they are logged in.

  • (API) Search for Disabled & Enabled Resources: Added the ability to query for disabled and/or enabled resources on the POST /clientapis/v2.0/GetResourceAttributes endpoint, allowing users to easily search for all resources.

  • (OEE) 'Available Time' Displayed in Report Builder: To make it easier to validate calculations, “Available Time” is now displayed in OEE Report Builder, representing the duration that a line is available to run. This calculation is based off of the following scenarios:

    • For Planned: Available Time = Planned Start Time - Planned End Time

    • For Actual: Available Time = Last Incount Time - Actual Start Time

  • (OEE) New Built-in Pareto Analysis: Quickly analyze all Downtime Events by line during shift huddles, daily meetings, or other management meetings through the new ‘Downtime Pareto’ button on the Live Monitoring screen.

  • (LINK) Daylight Saving Time Setting Adjustment: We have configured settings in LINK to automatically update the times displayed in Charts when Daylight Saving occurs, eliminating the need for users to update charts to account for these time changes.

    • To benefit from these new settings, all charts that were built using Report Builder prior to January 29, 2024, will need to be recreated one time to apply the enhancement.

    • All charts built after January 29, 2024 DO NOT need to be updated.

    • The enhancement applies to the following product areas:

      • All Charts (Field, Form, and SPC Charts)

      • Record Side View

      • Records Card View

      • Records Grid View Export

      • Records Spreadsheet View

      • Records Spreadsheet View Export

      • Report Builder --> All Data Report

      • Report Builder --> Records Report

      • Report Builder --> Fields Report

      • Export Utility Reports (All)

      • Export Utility Reports Exports (All)

      • Side Record Charts --> View Details Chart

      • Side Record Charts --> View Details Chart Export

  • (LINK) More Complex Dynamic Flow Logic is Available: You can now select multiple fields to be the action trigger for field compliance and non-compliance flows. The fields selected will act in an “AND” statement.

    • Example: Select “Weight Avg” and “Temperature Avg” fields for a field non-compliance flow. The Target task will only be triggered if BOTH fields fail.

    • This may allow you to complete logic flows that were not possible before without an expression code.

    • Look for the video coming in the Live release notes for more examples and context.

  • (LINK) Single Method to Close Slide Out Panels: Currently, when you open a User, Resource, Form, etc., a slide out panel will open to allow you to view and edit more details about the selected item. If you click out of the panel, it automatically closes for you. We’ve found this behavior has caused many users to accidentally leave a screen when they didn’t mean to. Based on helpful customer feedback, we have updated the slide out panels in the management modules to close only if you click on the “X” in the upper right hand corner.

    • Note: The Filter panel will still close if you click out of it; we are evaluating this change and will solicit more user feedback.

  • (LINK) Visibility on Users with ‘ALL’ Location Association in Slide Out Panel: Users can be individually selected or deselected in the Locations module from each location. Now, in the slide out panel, you’ll also see users that have access to the location due to the “ALL” association. This will help improve troubleshooting and managing access to the locations.

    • Users with “ALL” cannot be deselected from the location; this would be done on the user profile to manage the location associations for that user.

  • (LINK) Count of Users with 'ALL' Location Association in Locations Module: The Locations module will continue to display a unique count for each location’s directly associated Users. Now, there will also be a total count at the top of the grid to display how many users have “ALL” associated to them. This will give insights into the total number of users that have access to each location, without inflating each location with the same additional user count.

  • (LINK) Comments Visible in Forms History: The History tab in the Form Detail slide out panel will now include the Comments for past versions, which were previously missing from the view.

  • (LINK) “Any Field” Trigger Selection is Now Available for Dynamic Flow: Previously, the “Any Field” selection did not work for Field Compliance and non-Compliance workflows. Instead, users were required to select either a specific field or utilize the Form compliance/non-compliance triggers. Now, users can create a workflow to generate a target task if ANY field is compliant or non-compliant and it does NOT need to have “Fails Check” on.

    • Big opportunity for impact: You can set a single field to have compliance to drive the workflow without having to make it pass or fail the whole form. More details will be in an upcoming video in the Live release notes.

Bugs Fixed

  • (Web) When importing resources using the Form Transfer Utility (FTU), the default value setup for resources would not transfer when importing select one or Multi-Select type fields. Now, the default value will be used when importing a resource without a value.

  • (Web) Previously, when editing a scheduled task, there was no validation to check if a task would generate based on the start / end dates with the scheduled day(s) of the week. Now, a message will be provided to prevent saving schedules where tasks would not generate.

  • (LINK) The pop-up message, “Profile name already exists. Please add the new profile name“ will display when a user tries to add a new Secure Profile whose name is the same as one previously added.

  • (LINK) With the ‘Include Images’ checkbox, users can include or exclude the attachments. The attachments name will also now support special characters (&, <, >, #, ", ‘).

  • (LINK) An issue was resolved where ‘Cases’ titles were not successfully supporting special characters. This is now working as expected.

  • (LINK) Users were seeing the “Interval” task schedule option even if it wasn’t enabled for the tenant. This option will now only be displayed if that scheduling option is available for the tenant. If you no longer see this option and would like to utilize, please reach out to your CSM.

  • Various other bug fixes and improvements

Key Updates

  • Barring any critical updates or quality concerns, we intend to release this into the Live environment on 03/31/2024 for Web & LINK; there are no mobile releases this month (see the Windows Apps version above).

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