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Release Notes: July 2022

AUTHOR: The SafetyChain Team

SafetyChain is excited to announce details of our monthly release for the month of July

While we continue to work on performance improvements throughout the system, this month we had additional focus on optimizing user experience around submission workflows and date ranges on charts.

Top 5 Highlights

  • (LINK) Floating Date Ranges for Charts: Charts can now have additional floating date ranges beyond the limited time frame options that were available in the past. There will be a more intuitive Date Range tab when building charts to guide the user through the options with examples provided for each selection. Users can navigate back to the date range tab and change it to create multiple versions of a chart as needed. Video here.

  • (LINK) Print Documents with Header and Footer in LINK: When the document is opened in a slide out panel there will now be a print icon available. Documents printed through this method will include a date and time stamp as well as the URL in the header/footer so printed documents can be tracked back to the date they were printed. Video here.

  • (Mobile) Toast Messages on Record Submissions: Users will no longer have to navigate to the Submission screen to know if a record was created or if there was an invalid workflow. The status of the record will be displayed automatically for the user. Video here.

  • (Web/Mobile) Saved Tasks are Removed When Tasks are Reassigned: When a task schedule is reassigned to a new workgroup users will be notified that all Saved records from the old workgroup will be deleted. Users will not be able to complete the Saved records and they will be removed from the devices for better data integrity and security. Video here.

  • (LINK) Time Elapsed Since Screen Refresh: There will now be a time displayed on records pages in LINK to indicate the last time the data was refreshed since the page has been idle to help users take action right away to get new data. Video here.

Here’s what else went live this month

Since you heard from us last we’ve also shipped:

  • (LINK) Download button on Images: Images are visible on the record in LINK in multiple places. In order to download the image users have to right click and open in another tab. Now users can click a download button to open the image in another tab in one click, then the user can download it.

  • (Web) Upgraded Data Provisioning Pages UI: There will be an overall look and feel update to the page as well as a few changes for improved performance. Download for imports and exports will only be supported in the drop down arrow, not through double click on the row.

  • Performance: Continued performance improvements throughout the application.

We Fixed some Bugs

Partial list of bugs addressed

  • (LINK) Resolved an issue in Charts that resulted in the date not floating when a chart is added to the Dashboard using the Today, Yesterday, etc. date range filters.

  • (LINK) Resolved an issue in Tasks that occasionally resulted in the tasks grid not showing any tasks.

  • (Web) Resolved an issue in Document Management that resulted in the file name of a supplier requirement related document not updating if the resource name is changed.

  • (Web) Resolved an issue in Form Designer that resulted in the dependency rule or expression rule being deleted if the short name is changed on a field used in the rule.

  • (Web) Resolved an issue in Form Designer that resulted in the short name not updating in the rule after the short name is changed on the form.

  • (Web) Resolved an issue in Browser that resulted in the breadcrumbs not navigating the user to the selected resource between different modules.

  • (Web) Resolved an issue in Programs that resulted in the Resource column not sorting properly.

  • (Mobile) Resolved an issue in Saved Forms that resulted in the saved image not being replaced by a new image saved on a different device.

  • (LINK) Resolved an issue in Print View that occasionally resulted in the incorrect number of records appearing.

  • (LINK) Resolved an issue in Supplier Summary and Scorecard that occasionally resulted in an error message when exporting data.

  • (LINK) Resolved an issue in Records grid that resulted in the image previews not showing if the file is in jpeg format.

  • (LINK) Resolved an issue where OEE batches with no Throughput Quantity records calculated Availability incorrectly in some reports.

  • (LINK) Resolved an issue where Globalization code / Language translations were not working properly in various parts of the application.

  • Various other bug fixes and improvements.

Finally, Some Key Updates

  • Release Dates: We intend to release this into the Live environment on the following dates

    • Web - 7/24/2022

    • LINK Version 2.22 - 7/25/2022

    • Mobile Apps Version 6.28 - Published on 7/24/2022

  • For customers using MDM, please use the following links for the App files after 7/25/2022

  • Scheduled Maintenance: The scheduled Web release for LIVE Environment will begin Sunday, July 24th starting at 10:30 pm PDT for approximately 1.5 hours.

    • Times given are considered estimates. The SafetyChain environment will be unavailable during this time. Mobile submissions can still be made in offline mode and will be processed when the system is brought back online and connectivity to the device has been reestablished.

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