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Coming in Q3 2024, New and Improved iOS & Android App!

AUTHOR: The SafetyChain Team

Arriving in mid-Q3 2024, SafetyChain’s mobile experience will undergo a significant transformation, featuring a user-friendly interface that was designed with frontline workers in mind. We are building our new mobile application on a best-in-class, highly flexible architectural framework that provides a fitting foundation for the future of SafetyChain mobile – more on that very soon!

What’s driving this change? The current iOS and Android apps are built on top of a Microsoft-owned development framework that will be deprecated later this year.

What Does This Mean For You?

  • This will be a completely new application in the iOS and Android app stores, not a new version update.

  • The new app will be available in early August. By the end of September, customers using SafetyChain on iOS and Android devices will need to delete the old app and download the new one on all impacted devices.

  • SafetyChain will continue supporting the old app throughout the transition so you can have a phased roll out across your devices if you wish, but we do not recommend having both apps downloaded on a single device at the same time.

  • The Windows app does not need to be replaced, but in order to deliver a consistent mobile experience, it will also receive similar improvements to the user interface. This will happen in mid-Q3 2024 as well.

  • No action needs to be taken today, but we urge customers to start thinking about a change management plan. Meanwhile, the SafetyChain team is hard at work creating supporting materials and tools to help you with this transition. See our list of planned resources at the bottom of this post.

Now, let’s take a look at what you can expect from SafetyChain's new mobile experience!

Exciting User Experience Improvements on the Horizon

This is a unique opportunity to reshape the SafetyChain mobile user experience and we’ve made significant changes that make it easier for plant personnel to find, manage, and complete critical tasks in their fast-paced manufacturing environments.

We invite you to take this Self-Guided Tour that showcases some of the following:

  • Intuitive navigation that requires fewer clicks

  • Larger clickable areas that allow users to more easily make selections

  • Icons that provide strong visual cues

  • Bold color contrast that improves visibility and accessibility

  • An easy way to toggle between online and offline mode

  • A new “Favorites” filter to quickly surface most critical or frequently used Forms

  • Failsafes around Tasks and Forms that reduce the likelihood of creating duplicative work

  • And more!

Supporting the Transition

As mentioned above, we are driving a number of activities and deliverables to help guide you through this transition to the new app. Current plans include:

  • Additional self-guided tours specific to different types of users

  • Rollout guidelines for administrators and IT

  • FAQ Document

  • Customer feedback sessions focused on device management, managing in-app alerts during the transition, and clearing submissions

We hope you are excited about the new SafetyChain mobile experience. Keep an eye out for additional communications and materials soon!

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