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A Simplified Approach to Supplier Compliance is Here!

AUTHOR: The SafetyChain Team

We want to help you get more done in less time. That’s why our Unified Platform initiative isn’t about simply copy-pasting existing modules into LINK. Instead, we’re seizing the opportunity to look closely at how things currently work in SafetyChain in order to improve system performance and enhance your user experience.

With this in mind, we are excited to formally announce the General Availability of our new Supplier Compliance Management module. The culmination of a successful Beta program and many customer feedback sessions, the new module features a modern interface, streamlined workflows, and a flexible backend architecture that tightens the relationship between your supplier, quality, and production data.

What can you expect?

Easier to Use: The Supplier Compliance Management module features a clean, modern user interface that includes intuitive navigation, rich data views, and bold reporting tiles that display the real-time status of supplier requirements as they move from initial creation to final approval.

Get More Done: In tandem with the design enhancements, SafetyChain’s Supplier Compliance Management module features simplified workflows and processes that reduce the steps (and time) required to create, assign, track, and approve critical supplier tasks. With its usability and simplicity, this enhanced offering alleviates the administrative headaches associated with managing complex supplier compliance programs and enables new users to onboard more quickly.

Scalability & Performance: All of these user interface and administrative workflow enhancements are made possible by a complete re-architecture of the system’s backend data. With improved system performance and greater data flexibility, customers are able to integrate their supplier data with the data captured from their quality and production processes managed within the platform. This reimagined backend architecture provides a strong foundation for future innovation as SafetyChain and our customers continue to push and explore the use cases made possible by integrated plant data.

Check out this easy self-guided tour and the April Release Notes for a closer look at what’s changed!

The time to migrate is now!

Ready to streamline your supplier onboarding process and simplify the management of your supplier requirements?

Current supplier compliance customers have already started migrating to the new module and we're excited to help you make the switch too! Your CSM will work with you to evaluate your existing supplier requirements and help you decide which should be moved to the new module. For the majority of customers, this won’t be a time consuming process and you will have the partnership and guidance from the SafetyChain team to make sure everything goes smoothly.

And if you aren’t already using SafetyChain to manage your supplier compliance programs, now is the perfect time to learn more.

Either way, contact your CSM to get started!

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